Monday, August 8, 2016

On Monday morning we woke up in beautiful Prokopi and decided to venture a little farther north on Evia to the village of Nea Sinasos. This visit was particularly interesting for many of us who had already been reading the files in the archives regarding Sinasos, a village in Cappadocia. The village of Nea Sinasos was established after Greeks from Sinasos settled in northern Evia.


Church in Nea Sinasos

Our first stop was at the church in Nea Sinasos. This visit was very special as the priest spoke to us about the history of the church and how the people had preserved their religious life as they settled into their lives in Greece. It was important for them to preserve this part of their lives, and for this reason there were many items in the church, including icons, relics, and chalices that they brought with them when they left Sinasos.

After visiting the church, we visited the school in the village where the children attended school and enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch on the water in a nearby village.  Here, we were met by representatives of the Mayor of Nea Sinasos who spoke further with us about the history of Nea Sinasos and their hopes for the future of the village.

After a beautiful two-day excursion into the countryside of Greece, we returned to Athens on Monday night, eager to commence our work in the Centre again.


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