Thursday, July 28, 2016

On Thursday we heard from Stavros Anestides, a researcher at the Centre.  He spoke on the 1923 Population Exchange and the Exodus of the Greek Orthodox Inhabitants of Sinasos.  Many of the refugees from Sinasos ultimately settled on the island of Evvia in a refugee settlement called Nea Sinasos.  We will be visiting Nea Sinasos in the next couple of weeks!  Many refugees from Sinasos also settled in Constantinople.  The village of Sinasos was well-recorded through photographs that are in the photographic archive at the Centre.

Chapel of Saint Eleftherios next to the Metropolis Church of Athens.  Its exterior is constructed out of recycled Pagan temple pieces.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed another tour led by Nicos Nicolaides.  This tour was an Ottoman Tour of Athens.  It was interesting to walk through neighborhoods that we walk through daily, but this time we were able to stop and learn about the buildings weIMG_20160728_193207832_HDR pass everyday and their history.  This was especially interesting as we were able to see the architectural transition to the Neoclassical style which favored symmetrical designs.  To conclude the evening we enjoyed dinner at a Cretan restaurant and ate authentic Cretan foods, including snails, dakos (Cretan bread), and gavros (fish)!


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